Transactional Analysis and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

I contacted Diane as I had been struggling with issues of self-worth and anger about poor health due to a long term condition. Diane guided me through my relationships with my family of origin through using Transactional Analysis and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. It was emotionally painful at times but so is physiotherapy for a broken arm – you just have to do it if you want to get better. I came to understand that my self-worth and confidence was not dependent upon my being accepted by, and following the conditioning of, my family. Diane taught me some of the theory used in psychological therapies but also gave me practical tips and strategies to manage my relationships through helping me adapt my thoughts, feelings and behaviours so that they were more helpful to me. Diane has an uplifting personality and has a very positive and optimistic outlook on life that I found contagious. She is also very kind and caring. I really enjoyed my sessions with her and I am very grateful to her for her help.

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