Student Mental Health Crisis – Ask for Help Now!

There is, currently, a mental health crisis among young people in the UK – with or without the additional impact of COVID-19.

Given that the majority of mental health problems develop by the age of 24, university students are already a group at high risk of having mental health problems.

British universities are experiencing a surge in student anxiety, mental breakdowns and depression.

There was a fivefold increase in first-year students reporting a mental health problem in the 10 years to 2016, according to a recent study, and 94% of higher education institutions claimed to have seen a rise in demand for counselling services over the past five years.

Students today are faced with unique concerns compared to students in the past – even before we add the increased stress of student isolation due to the COVID crisis.. Students already face the stress of the financial burden from student loans and increased tuition fees, and the potentially negative consequences on wellbeing of the use of social media.

The student mental health crisis came into the spotlight in 2018 after it was revealed that at least 11 students at the University of Bristol had died by suspected suicide in just 18 months.

When students returned to, or started out at, university this September, they were faced with a university experience that no students have ever met before. Online-only classes, limits on social activities and the threat of coronavirus quarantines has, undoubtedly, contributed to the deterioration of students’ mental health.

Statistics show that students are at their most vulnerable at this time of year and that the highest peak in suicides is in January each year.
If you are suffering with mental health issues, please ask for help now, so that you can avoid the long-term risks associated with poor mental health.

I am offering students a discounted rate for counselling services (half-price at £25 per session), so that you can access help immediately – before it may be too late for some people.

Please do not hesitate to call for help and to book a counselling session with me.

Call 07913 979561 – please don’t suffer in silence. Ask for help NOW!

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