Taking Stock – How are you coping right now?

Finally, after 15 weeks in lock-down, people were allowed to go to the hairdressing salons and barber shops, to the pub and to restaurants again last Saturday, 4 July. This felt like a massive relief and a return to freedom and some kind of ‘normality’ again.

However, we must not forget that, for many people who have been going without human contact for the best part of almost 4 months, there has been a great strain on their mental health, which can also lead to damage to your physical health.

For those who have been working from home during lockdown, I also know that many people have been putting in long hours and this overworking has led to increased stress, which, again, can have harmful physical and psychological effects.

I think that you will not be surprised also to learn that NHS waiting lists for mental health care are now even worse than ever, because of the strain which the corona virus has placed on the NHS.

Prior to the pandemic, it was already common for patients to be asked to wait anything between 6 weeks and 12 months, before starting therapy. These waiting times have now increased to a minimum of 10 months, on average, for NHS mental health treatment.

For many reasons, even more young people are suffering increasingly from mental health problems and I urge you to get help now, before your issues become more serious.

In recognition of the fact that people are (and have been since March) suffering from real fear, panic, anxiety, mental and emotional exhaustion during this pandemic, spending time in lockdown, often in isolation – alone – and over-thinking and over-analysing to the extent that they feel overwhelmed and unable to cope any longer, I urge you to access private counselling now. If you are left waiting for months without help, you are more likely to find that your symptoms get worse.

I have been made aware also (as I provide couples and relationship counselling) that many people are questioning why they continue to ignore the problems that exist within their close relationships. These problems have been exacerbated, often, by the very fact that couples have spent more time together during this pandemic, resulting in more arguments and/or conflict.

There have been so many different kinds of issues and problems to face during this pandemic, such as home-schooling, threats of redundancies, loss of income, children with problem behaviour to cope with, that it is no surprise that people have felt overwhelmed within their family relationships.

If you have felt in need of help and support as you struggle with your responsibilities, feeling lost and alone, perhaps, and not listened to, then why not access professional help now, to help you gain clarity, understanding – and, perhaps, to plan some changes?

As a professional counsellor/psychotherapist and clinical hypnotherapist, I understand how difficult it can be to take that first step and to even acknowledge that you need help. However, once you face your issues with the help of a counsellor who is showing you empathy and understanding, you will immediately realise that you can begin healing.

Please call me now on 07913 979561 or contact me via my website contact page:

(I am willing to discuss reduced rates for anyone who is struggling financially – on benefits or a low income, as it is so important that people can access help without delay).

Diane Wade RegMBACP (Registered Counsellor), GQHP, CNHC, DipHyp
Counsellor, Psychotherapist/Clinical Hypnotherapist

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