Are you self-harming?

Are you cutting or burning yourself, or injuring yourself in any way, in an attempt to deal with emotional distress or emotional pain- simply because you currently have no other way of coping?

If so, I can help you, because I understand the main reasons why people take this course of action – you take away your emotional pain by substituting physical pain, which then creates a temporary sense of relief, plus a sense of control. It works almost instantly, doesn’t it?

However, this behaviour is not only self-damaging, but it is also highly addictive behaviour, which creates a strong association in your mind as your way of coping and escaping from your pain. This becomes very difficult to resist and it can actually become a craving for that relief.

People who cut (or self-harm in other ways) very often feel dissatisfied with themselves and this dissatisfaction leads to harsh self-criticism. Sometimes, people will carve the words linked to their self-criticism directly into their skin.

Also, cutting can be a way to stop feeling numb, particularly for people with a history of trauma, who may self-harm to take control of their own emotional pain, so that they can feel something other than numbness.

Cutting (or other self-harm) is a way to feel something other than what you are feeling, or it can be a way to punish yourself, because you feel that you are simply ‘not good enough’.

Cutting is dangerous, even when suicide is not your intention. It is so easy to cut too deeply.

Once you realise that cutting and other forms of self-harm are unhealthy coping mechanisms, in the same way as getting drunk, binge eating, or getting high on drugs, then you can take the most important step of getting help. You need professional help, so that you can form healthy coping mechanisms and you can fully understand why you have resorted to such a drastic course of action in the first place.

Cutting is a hard habit to break on your own, because that harsh voice in your head that is criticising you will not go away. However, with the help of a professional therapist, you can stop tormenting yourself, deal with your negative thoughts – and, most importantly, learn to love yourself.

Please contact me now. I can help you to STOP this damaging, addictive behaviour, so that you can lead a happier, healthier life.

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