Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials and Reviews

Testimonial by 14 year old girl dealing with anxiety

When I started seeing Diane I was suffering from daily anxiety attacks, and problems surrounding school and a lack of self esteem.

However, Diane helped me to overcome that, and is someone I trust who helped me to tackle my problems.  She gave me the confidence I needed, and whose inspirational words and positive attitude made me feel at ease just by talking through it.

I would definitely recommend Diane, and give many thanks to her for making me able to reduce those daily anxieties and worries massively.

Abigail, 14

Testimonial by the mother of a 16 year old girl, overcoming suicidal thoughts and self harm

When our lives were turned upside down after our daughter confided in us that she had considered suicide and self-harm we were in pieces and very, very scared. Our doctor advised that the NHS waiting list for counselling and/or treatment could be as long as 6 months and we knew we couldn’t wait that long.

We consider ourselves incredibly fortunate to have found Diane. She was able to fit us in for an initial consultation at very short notice and she very quickly established a basis of trust and rapport. Through her skilled counselling she was able to unravel the myriad of issues that had been building up inside our then fragile 16 year old daughter and gently and effectively suggest strategies to manage her insecurities.

Over a period of weeks Diane was able to work with Amy and help her to rebuild her confidence, address her anxieties and rediscover her natural exuberance and zest for life. Diane has been a confidant, a mentor and a friend and words cannot adequately express our gratitude. I would have no hesitation whatsoever in wholeheartedly recommending her services to anyone in need. It’s the best investment you will ever make.


Testimonial by adult male, successfully became a non-smoker

Dear Diane

I just thought I would like to comment on my therapy sessions over the last few weeks.

I had tried various methods to quit smoking – Willpower – didn’t have enough, patches – turned out I was allergic to them, sprays and lozenges – horrible taste left me feeling positively sick.

Therefore I searched the internet and found that Hypnotherapy has a good success rate and further search revealed you.

I contacted you and very quickly felt at ease when talking to you and arranging the sessions which you readily accommodated in my limited time as I work outside of Halifax.

On arrival I was made very welcome and at ease with a detailed explanation of what the course would comprise of and I felt extremely relaxed.

The sessions themselves can only be described as enjoyable and totally relaxing. In addition each week I was asked to record key points and over ensuing weeks these were re-visited as a progress check.

Ultimately I found the sessions successful and other than occasional “Wobbles” had little if any problem in quitting.

I`m sure that the actual hypnotherapy is a main reason but also your careful manner and approach was a real positive help.

I will have no hesitation in recommending you to other people, and in the future should I need help with any other situation will not think twice about contacting you.

Thank you very much and good luck to your expanding practice

Best regards


Testimonial by 17 year old female

“Before coming to see Diane I was suffering with a lot of anxiety, especially from my friendship group at school. I had low self-esteem and was taking negative comments I received from people to heart-I wasn’t feeling like myself anymore.

“Prior to my first session I was extremely nervous, however I had no need to be. Diane always made me feel at ease and gave me constructive and valuable therapy-which will stay with me forever. I underestimated just how the process of talking would benefit me! It was a huge relief going to see her, just 1 hour of talking changed how I felt for the full week ahead. We tackled my problems every Wednesday until I felt like the old me again.

“No matter how silly you may think your problems are there is no judgement, Diane always has a magic way to overcome any negative feelings- long-term.

“It was definitely worth going; in just over 3 months I have succeeded in feeling a lot more confident and to always remember that being yourself is enough, whilst most importantly meeting the most amazing counsellor.

“I can’t thank her enough for making me the person that I want to be.”

Eleanor, 17

Testimonial by 15 year old female

“During my counselling experience with Diane, I have grown massively in confidence and I have learnt how to manage and control my panic attacks.

“At the start of my counselling, I was having daily anxiety attacks that lasted around 20 minutes, and now, with Diane’s support, I rarely ever have them – and, when I do, I can stop them within 2 minutes.

“Not only this, but Diane made me feel comfortable and she was someone I trusted and confided in – which is, sometimes, something that I struggle with.

“I cannot thank Diane enough for giving me my life back and helping me to be able to go out and have fun, without stressing or worrying.

“If anyone feels anxious and is struggling to cope with it, I would, one hundred per cent, recommend Diane.”

Elise, 15